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smallBMS with pre-alarm

UVP 62,40  53,04 

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smallBMS with pre-alarm

UVP 62,40  53,04 

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The smallBMS can replace the VE.Bus BMS in several applications. It is however not suitable for use with VE.Bus MultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers: it has no VE.Bus interface.
The smallBMS is intended for use with Victron Smart LiFePo4 batteries with M8 circular connectors. 

The smallBMS has two outputs, similar to the VE.Bus BMS. 

DatasheetsmallBMS with pre-alarm
ManualsmallBMS (A4)
smallBMS with pre-alarm
Enclosure dimensionsmallBMS
smallBMS (3D)
smallBMS (stp)
System schematicMulti RS Solar 48 6000 Smart LiFePO4 48V 400Ah smallBMS SmartSolar MPPT RS Cerbo GX touch 50
VE.Direct drawing with Phoenix charger 12/50-1 inverter 375W Li Batt smallBMS MPPT 100/30 Orion-Tr Smart
CertificateDeclaration of Conformity - Battery Management Systems
ISO9001 certificate


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