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Maxi GX

UVP 1.316,40  1.118,94 

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Maxi GX

UVP 1.316,40  1.118,94 

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The Maxi GX is a member of the GX Product family. The GX-device lies at the heart of the system – providing monitoring, and operating as the communication-centre of your installation. 

Compared to the other GX devices, the Maxi GX has most CPU power and most VE.Direct ports: 25. This is the GX device to use for large systems with many VE.Direct MPPT Solar Chargers.

DatasheetMaxi GX
Victron GX product range
ManualAutomatic Generator start-stop (HTML5)
Automatic Generator start-stop (PDF)
ESS (Energy Storage System) - Start page
Energy Storage System (HTML5)
Energy Storage System (PDF)
Maxi GX manual (html)
VRM Portal documentation
VideoConnecting a Victron GX device online and setting up a GX GSM
Did You Know - Changing the logo on a GX device
Did You Know - Move VRM data from old GX device to a new one
CertificateDeclaration of Conformity - Remote Panels and accessories
ISO9001 certificate
Technical informationBuilding an unattended battery based energy system
Data communication with Victron Energy products
GX Modbus-TCP manual
Modbus-TCP register list
NMEA 2000 & MFD integration guide
Open source


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