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The GX GSM is a modem & GPS accessory for our GX range of monitoring products. The GX GSM is a cellular modem; providing a mobile internet for the system and connection to the VRM Portal. It works on 2G and 3G networks.

It includes a built-in GPS receiver. When the optional GPS antenna is installed, the system can be tracked as well as Geo-fenced on the VRM Portal. 

Note that many telecom operators are in the process of shutting down their 3G networks. Make sure to consider the replacement product, the GX LTE 4G, as well. 

Battery voltagen.v.
PV voltagen.v.
Charge currentn.v.
AC input voltagen.v.
AC frequencyn.v.
Transfer switchn.v.
Ingress protectionn.v.
ManualGX GSM manual
VideoConnecting a Victron GX device online and setting up a GX GSM
Did You Know - Changing the logo on a GX device
Did You Know - Move VRM data from old GX device to a new one
Enclosure dimensionGX GSM
GX GSM (dwg)
GX GSM (stp)
GX GSM with antenna (3D)
GX GSM with antenna (stp)
System schematicVictron Van - Automotive - Full (ds)
Victron Van - Automotive - Full (sld)
CertificateDeclaration of Conformity - Remote Panels and accessories
ISO9001 certificate


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