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GlobalLink 520


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We believe that having insight into your installation is a key factor in maintaining and operating your off-grid energy solutions. Off-grid should not mean off-line, so we have created the GlobalLink 520. This device will bring 4G LTE-M connectivity to all VE.Direct enabled devices without any monthly fees or subscriptions, for the first five years.

ManualGlobalLink 520 (HTML5)
GlobalLink 520 (PDF)
VideoGlobalLInk 520 - Upload Data to VRM using 4G
Enclosure dimensionGlobalLink 520
GlobalLink 520 (3D)
GlobalLink 520 (3D) new design
GlobalLink 520 (new design)
GlobalLink 520 (stp)
GlobalLink 520 (stp) new design
CertificateISO9001 certificate


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