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Energy Meters ET112, ET340 & EM24

ab 110,40 

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The ET112
(for single phase max. 100A) and the ET340 (for three phase max. 65A) Energy Meters are typically
used in an Energy Storage System.

The EM24 is for 3 phase monitoring only. 

There is a EM24 meter model for RS485 connection and one that connects over Ethernet. All ET models connect via RS485.

To measure the power and energy of the whole application at
the distribution box. Or to measure the output of a PV Inverter, to display the
data on the Color
Control GX
and the VRM Portal.

Battery voltagen.v.
PV voltagen.v.
Charge currentn.v.
AC input voltagen.v.
AC frequencyn.v.
Transfer switchn.v.
Ingress protectionn.v.
ManualESS (Energy Storage System) - Start page
Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet (HTML5)
Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet (PDF)
Energy Meter EM24 RS485 (HTML5)
Energy Meter EM24 RS485 (PDF)
Energy Meter ET112 (HTML5)
Energy Meter ET112 (PDF)
Energy Meter ET340 (HTML5)
Energy Meter ET340 (PDF)
Energy Meter Overview manual
Energy Storage System (HTML5)
Energy Storage System (PDF)
CertificateDeclaration of Conformity - Auxiliary components (1)
Herstellererklärung ESS
ISO9001 certificate


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