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The EasyPlus is a multifunctional energy system consisting of a powerful sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger, a high speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single light weight and compact enclosure. The system has been designed for those who want to enjoy the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system without spending time on the installation of separate components and difficult technical procedures.

ManualAC-coupling and the Factor 1.0 rule
Configuring solar systems with Quattros and Multis
ESS (Energy Storage System) - Start page
EasyPlus 1600VA 230V
Energy Storage System (HTML5)
Energy Storage System (PDF)
MultiPlus Compact 12/24V 800VA, 1200VA, 1600VA 230V
VE.Bus Error Codes
VE.Bus parallel split- and three-phase systems
Enclosure dimensionEasyPlus Compact 12V 1600VA 70A
EasyPlus Compact 12V 1600VA 70A (3D)
EasyPlus Compact 12V 1600VA 70A (stp)
Press releaseOceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy
System schematicSplit Phase System Example
Off-grid, Backup and Island systems
CertificateCertificate Safety IEC 60335-1 - 19 interfaces
Declaration of Conformity - EasyPlus
ISO9001 certificate
Technical informationData communication with Victron Energy products
Interfacing with VE Bus products - MK2 protocol
Modbus-TCP register list


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