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The BMV-700 is a high precision battery monitor. The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere hours consumed are calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery.

To read more about the full BMV range & accessories, see this blog

Battery voltagen.v.
PV voltagen.v.
Charge currentn.v.
AC input voltagen.v.
AC frequencyn.v.
Transfer switchn.v.
Ingress protectionn.v.
DatasheetBMV-700 series
Quick installation guideBMV-700 quick installation guide
ManualAutomatic Generator start-stop (HTML5)
Automatic Generator start-stop (PDF)
BMV - 700, 700H, 702, 712 manual
VideoDid You Know - How to change the name of a device
How to connect the BMV-700 battery monitor
How to optimize the BMV-700 series sync parameters
How to set up BMV Battery Monitor for lead and lithium batteries
Enclosure dimensionBMV - round front (3D)
BMV - round front (stp)
BMV - square front (3D)
BMV - square front (stp)
BMV-7xx round (3D)
BMV-7xx round (stp)
BMV-7xx square (3D)
BMV-7xx square (stp)
Shunt 500A
Shunt 500A (3D)
Shunt 500A (stp)
Shunt with Shunt pcb
Shunt with Shunt pcb (as impression) (3D)
Shunt with Shunt pcb (as impression) (stp)
Press releaseOceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy
PublicationBMV-700 in Probmobil 5
System schematic3 Phase VE Bus BMS system 4 pin with 3xQuattro and 4x200Ah 24V Li
3 Phase VE Bus BMS system 5 pin with 3xQuattro and 4x200Ah 24V Li
Hub-1 System Component Layout
Phoenix inverter and BMV700
CertificateCertificate Automotive ECE R10-4 - BMV 700, 702 & 702 black
Certificate IEC 60335-1 BMV 700, 702, 700H and 712 Smart
Declaration of Conformity - Battery Monitor BMV & SmartShunt
ISO9001 certificate
Technical informationData communication with Victron Energy products
Modbus-TCP register list
NMEA 2000 & MFD integration guide
VE.Direct HEX Protocol BMV
VE.Direct Protocol


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