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An Autotransformer can be used for step up, step down and split phase output balancing purposes.
While the step up and step down functions are fairly straightforward, split phase output balancing may require some more attention.

Battery voltagen.v.
PV voltagen.v.
Charge currentn.v.
AC input voltagen.v.
AC frequencyn.v.
Transfer switchn.v.
Ingress protectionn.v.
DatasheetAutotransformer 32A and 100A
ManualAutotransformer (HTML5)
Autotransformer (PDF)
Enclosure dimensionAutotransformer 120-240VAC-32A-100A
Autotransformer 120-240VAC-32A-100A (3D)
Autotransformer 120-240VAC-32A-100A (stp)
Press releaseOceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy
System schematicAT-1 split phase 240V to 120-240V with Quattro 240V
AT-2 step up 120 to 240V with Quattro 120V
AT-3 split phase 120V to 120-240V with Quattro 120V
AT-4 stacked inverter 2x120V to 120-240V with 2xQuattro 120V
AT-5 split phase 240V to 120-240V with Generator 240V
CertificateDeclaration of Conformity - Autotransformers
ISO9001 certificate


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